It’s a Delivery Thing

I have come across a really well written, insightful and clearly laid out site for project management. Created and written by Steven Thomas, who is also a project manager.

Its a delivery thing

I recommend this site and also one great post from it, is posted below (amongst many of the great posts in the site). In this specific post Steven Thomas lists three talents of great project managers. These are – ‘Finishing’ – ‘building great teams’ – ‘dealing with complexity’.

I think that dealing with complexity is a particularly good point. As a project manager you are expected to deliver certain deliverables in a project and you won’t always have the technical knowledge your self or indeed should be expected to have.

So having a great grasp of how to deal with complexity and taping into subject matter experts for specialized skills and for delivering required products is a skill a great project manager has. Also to deliver the best results takes the best people and this is something a great project manager pulls together in a team.

Three Talents of Great Project Managers


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