Agile Planning Board (Scrum)

Below is a simple way to understand the differences between the planning terms in an Agile Scrum planning board. It’s also worth noting that these titles are not set in stone and can be altered to what works best with you and/or the team. For example ‘working’ could be defined as ‘in progress’ and some teams may not see the point of having a done section in the planning board.

Product Backlog > A prioritized list of work for the entire product. E.g., feature 1, feature 2, etc… (This may not appear on the board as it will be the initial wishlist of the product that is being made / developed).

Release Backlog > A subset of the product backlog that you are targeting for completion for the next or first release. E.g. feature 1, feature 2.

Sprint Backlog > A subset of Release backlog through a set of detailed tasks/user stories. E.g., feature 1 – (task 1, t 2, t 3)

Working On > When team members take a task/story, they add it to this column, to show everyone what they are working on.

Done > Work that is completed.

Below is a link to a photo of an Agile Scrum planning board that has its own set up.

Post written by me (Chris Mitchell) 🙂


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