Skills of a Great Project Manager

From the experience I have gained in project management. Discussing project management with others and from what I have watched and read (some of this from Steven Thomas who writes a great blog called its a delivery thing). I have listed below what I record as five great skills a great project manager has. The first three are quite self explanatory.

A hard work ethic is always a key skill to have as a project manager and delivering on your targets! 🙂  Dealing with complexity is one that is not often mentioned but that is of great importance. If you are a project manager or are thinking of becoming 0ne. You will get asked questions at work or in interviews that you don’t know the answers to. But in having confidence in dealing with complexity you know you can find them out. You will know how to tap into subject matter experts and the information resources that are around you.

Finally and perhaps most importantly is that you have to take the helm of your own ship and when I say this I am not making reference to your team or work colleagues. I am talking about you.

Obviously as a project manager you have to have control over your team. But to do this with great skill you need to be in control of yourself. You need to be able to lead. Is there something you don’t want to do? That your not sure about, that you don’t want to confront, something you may even be scared of. Is there something that is tedious or boring but needs to be done. By taking the helm of your own ship you will control your own actions and be the creative force behind your own life. This takes confidence and focus (often confidence will not be learned until you have experience in what you are doing) you must push and drive yourself forward to do well, gain confidence and delivery great results.

Great Skills of a Project Manager:

1. Creating great working environments and teams.

2. Hard work ethic.

3. Communication and interpersonal skills.

4. Dealing with Complexity.

5. Take the helm of your own ship.


3 thoughts on “Skills of a Great Project Manager

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