Video Encoding – Software and Hardware

When I was working at IMG, for a section called Gamer TV, I had to encode and upload a lot of video on to the MSN network and also the mobile phone network 3. It was relatively straight forward work to do, but for some reason I have always enjoyed doing multiple test encodes and seeing the very best quality I could get. For example if for the web – viewing quality vs file size and streaming speed. 😀 I guess that is a little nerdy – but also very rewarding.

The article linked to below sums up some of the best encoding software you can get presently. Personally I like Sorenson Squeeze the best. But all the software and hardware here is pretty good.

Encoding and Transcoding Buyers’ Guide


Delivering projects on time and within budget

I get contacted by various recruitment consultants and sometimes directly by firms and one of the things I sometimes see on job descriptions. Is a statement that says something like – delivers projects on time and within budget.

It is by all intents and purposes a some what abstract statement! If I, or anyone, or any project manager had some sort of magic formula or secret process that could guarantee this, we would certainly employ it! 😀 We would deliver every project we ever worked on, on time and within budget. I’m sure that we would also be famous for it ;D Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately the world is a mystery place. Where chaos and complexity rules. Little unknown issues or by passed items by even the greatest project manager can cause problems, that put out the budget or schedule.

Of course there are good and bad project managers and we all want to work with or find good project managers. Often good project managers deliver results due to nothing more than a hard work ethic and being well read and well clued up to the processes that can help deliver success.