Minibar (HTML5 vs Native)

I recently attended a social/networking event called Minibar. It is put on once a month in London and is a great place to meet with interesting people and learn new knowledge primarily in the startup, tech and web environments. I met and chatted with some interesting people and made some good new contacts. I have copied and pasted Minibars overview of the event below.

MiniBar – London

Your Monthly Face To Face

You think about creating the next, flickr, or Web 3.0 start up? You think London lacks opportunities to meet up and discuss those ideas? Then come to MiniBar. MiniBar is a social evening in Shoreditch, which offers people a chance to snaffle some free beer while discussing mobile web, web applications, start ups, social networking, investment and general Web 2.0 mayhem & fandango. There is usually a brilliant mix of around 300 web entrepreneurs, developers, tech investors and other geeks plus a few 5 min presentations on what’s hot right now.

I specifically want to mention one of the talks that was given. One of the presenters gave a talk on html5 vs native apps. It was a good talk and by the end of it, html5 and native apps had come out even in the comparison that was done. However the presenter did estimate that html5 apps will completely over take native apps by about 2017.

One issue I would bring up with the speech was that the speaker did not give an introduction to what native and html5 apps are! He went straight into a comparison. I do know what they are, so this wasn’t an issue for me, but for someone who didn’t then they may have been a bit lost!

Apart from that, the evening was really good and I would recommend anyone who is into startups, tech or web development to go at least once (if you live in London). I will surely go again.

The great roster of speakers for the evening I attended was:

Foodity – Jonathan Agnes

Kaldorgroup – HTML5 vs Native –  Jon Marks

SmileMachine – Jade Leighton and Eric Broto

Microsoft Developer Outreach and Ventures – Anand Krishnan


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