Agile Iowa No Estimates Puzzle Experiment

Very interesting game for looking at and discussing how estimation may not be necessary to make great software. Also see this link here for more info

Cecil G. Williams

cecil-presenting-agile-iowa-puzzleI facilitated my own rendition of the #NoEstimates Puzzle Experiment for the September 2013 Agile Iowa user group meeting. This experiment was created by Chris Chapman to generate critical thinking and conversation concerning whether estimates are necessary to produce quality software. The meeting had a great turnout, with around 40 people attending during a Midwest thunderstorm that left over 20,000 people without power.


SmallRavensburgerPuzzleThe experiment calls for two teams to build the same puzzle, with one team using a lean approach and the other team using scrum. For the puzzle I chose a Ravensburger 500 large piece format No. 149483. I encouraged the attendees to self-organize into two teams of six members. Both teams were made up of novice and experienced agilists.  While the teams worked on the puzzles the remaining attendees mingled and observed the teams’ progress.  I kept track of the time and coached both teams as…

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