Experimentation in the Workplace

I recently attended a very interesting work shop regarding experimentation in the work place. One of the great things from experimenting is that you not only learn a great deal you would not otherwise. But it also stops you from getting stuck in a set approach or way of thinking.

A summary that was provided about the workshop is below:

“Companies who experiment and try new things more, learn more and discover more. Rather than following best practices forever, they understand when the complexity of a situation requires experimentation – Build-Measure-Learn approach to figure out the best way forward. And complexity is all around is – in our product innovations, in our organisational social networks and in our company culture.”

The workshop was ran by:

Andrea Darabos (A lean agile coach and trainer, m3.0 facilitator. Twitter @adarabos)  and Ryan Behrman (Organisational and Team Process Improvement Coach and Trainer)

Further Reading – Experimentation in the work place: http://www.slideshare.net/andreadarabos79/experimentation-in-the-workplace-london-m30-meetup-nov-2015

Celebration Grid: https://management30.com/leadership-resource-hub/celebration-grids/



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