Job Interviews: Part 1

Having gained a great amount of experience in the different roles I have been employed in; I would also like to share some tips and advice on job interviews. This is from my own personal experience and for the specific skill set(s) and roles that I have been developing and working in.

There is a large amount of advice and information out there on the web, which I am sure you are well aware of, that concentrates on all areas of the interview process and how to prepare for interviews.

I will try note to repeat a lot of what you can find else where on the web and will write primarily from my own experience. But as you should be aware a massive part of success in interviews is how you present yourself and come across. A lot of this is all about how confident you appear, and unfortunately often the person who gets the job, is the person that comes across the best in the interview, and not the person that would be best for the role.

I actually had a brilliant program manager who once that said to me, he does not mind if the person he is interviewing is a little bit nervous. This to him shows, she or he is behaving like a normal human being; in a room with people that they have likely never met before, and for a role that is new to them (even if they have done the same role at another organisation), which they have technical no right to be over confident about in the interview as they are not actually doing the role at that specific company. Saying that, someone who is at ease and beams confidence is often going to have the advantage.

I’m not going to go into referencing body language or presentation in these interview related posts, but there is a large amount of information out there that gives advice on this. A lot of which is obvious, but very important to your success.

A lot of what I will write in these interview related posts does link back to some key skills that I have previously posted – So I would advise you also read this post before reading these interview related posts.


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