Job Interviews: Part 2 (At the core)

At the core of what you want to put across in any interview you attend is that you have the right character, abilities, knowledge and attitude to do the job. As part of putting this across I have noted two key points below:

  1. As a project manager the role really boils down to the fact that your job is to get things done in a set time and budget.
  2. Even if working as a scrum master or in a Agile scrum approach you will still be looking to deliver work within sprints and available resources.
    • However, this often does not happen (more so in Waterfall than in Agile 😉 and the complexities, unknowns and issues of the project will usually be the cause of this. As I have posted before I believe one of the key skills of a project manager is dealing with complexity. So by honing your habits to expect the unknown and to embrace discovery, for finding a solution to an issue (as opposed to being scared of issues) these such skills and attitude will show in a job interview that you have the right characteristics for the role.
  1. If you are an IT Business partner or IT consultant your role is going to require some different deliverables. Where as here you will need to advise, guide and support those you are working with. Even if you don’t know the answers, you will find them out and those around you will feel supported and have confidence in you.
    • I love working as an IT Business partner and being able to advice my business partner of new and upcoming technology that could greatly help the role they are doing.

Finally the best way to ensure success at the interview or just in your career is by doing something you love and enjoy. You will spend a lot of time in your job, so it’s great if it’s something you really enjoy doing!


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