Job Interviews: Part 3 (Project processes overview)

One of the standard questions I often get asked at job interviews is what is the project process I would follow for Agile or Waterfall. This is a pretty straight forward question to answer, but it’s interesting to hear from recruiters, or even those giving interviews of how some candidates can barely answer this.

The processes for project management I outline in an interview are below – obviously these are pretty common knowledge and you may want to change the wording. But this is at a high level what I will describe (some times changing the wording myself) if I am asked such a question in an interview around project management processes.

1.0 Stages of Project Planning (Waterfall like).

1.1 Conception / discovery.

1.2 Planning.

1.3 Monitoring / progress.

1.4 Delivery.

1.5 Closure.


2.0 Agile Scrum (Agile like).

2.1 Idea.

2.2 Pre planning Session.

2.3 Planning Session and estimation.

2.4 Product backlog creation.

2.5 Sprint planning and sprints.

2.6 Standups.

2.7 Retrospective.


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