Job Interviews: Part 4 (Dealing with Stakeholders)

One of the key questions you will likely be asked if going for a project management type role is how you deal with stakeholders.

I have noted down some of the key details that I may respond with when asked this question.

  1. Good communication is key. Be confident, open and friendly, be happy to see them.
  2. Do not communicate with a stakeholder(s) just over email; if you drop a key stakeholder an email and you need a response; call them up by phone or message them on skype or what messenger is available. Ideally go and speak to them directly when and if you can.
  3. I often can get more done when I meet or talk to people face to face, and if I can I will always try and engage face to face with a stakeholder. As opposed to just using email which can isolate or distance people from yourself.
  4. Respect them, keep them involved and do not be afraid of getting a negative answer from them.
  5. Build a good relationship with them and talk of past experiences or anecdotes. People love talking about old stories or happenings and this one good way to bond with people and build trust.
  6. Finally trust is a sure fire way to be able to negotiate and resolve issues if and when they come up.

And also when in an interview use your real life examples or experiences. I am sure your recruiter will tell you this, or you will read about it in another article on interviews. This will obviously show your experience and that you are not just talking generically with pre-memorised answers.


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