Job Interviews: Part 5 (Interview unknowns)

In an interview you can never really be sure of what you may be asked and what left field questions may come out of the blue.

This whole matter again relates back to your ability in dealing with complexity and unknowns. And a good calm approach to resolving a matter or question that you do not know is a key skill to have.

If you get asked a question that you are not completely sure of the answer to; then staying calm and concise and also showing your ability in dealing with the unknown is key.

  • Obviously you cannot possibly know everything about everything, and there is much more you don’t know then you do know. So again dealing with unknowns is a key skill and generally speaking humans should be far fonder of resolving a problem or question, rather than just finding an immediate solution.
  • Because problems are the challenges and they can came up all the time, as opposed to solutions which is what we seek as an end result. But an actual end solution is not the process or way for getting to that solution.

One of the ways in which I respond to a question I don’t know the answer to, or for that matter a issue I don’t know what the solution could be; is by making sure that I have a good network of people, resources, knowledge base and firms that I know, or know of, and that I am able to plug into (Linkedin, stack overflow and such online resources is one of the key ways I keep a network. And by getting to know everybody I am working with or who is a key contact at the firm where I work).

This way if I get asked a question I might stumble on I can confidently say that I have built and I am continuously building a network of subject matter experts and knowledge that can provide me answers to questions and matters that I am not sure of.


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