Job Interviews: Part 7 (Key points for your CV or Resume)

Before getting to the interview you will (likely) have to send your CV or Resume. Below I have entered some key points for inclusion and consideration on your CV.

  • For one of the jobs that I got after a successful couple of interviews. The project director told me that I stood out because project management came across as a genuine interest for me and not just something to pay my bills. Regarding this you should include any extra curricular activities that relate to the role and show your interests in your chosen career.
  • These could include projects that you have done in your own time, building your own website, helping to put on an event, managing a youth group etc… Anything that you have actually done and have enjoyed doing.
  • Also put down any clubs or groups that you belong to, or that you manage in relation to project management, technology, agile scrum, etc… I used to help manage a digital project managers group through and this also stood out on my CV. If there are no such groups in your area, then start one on or a similar website.
  • Create your own blog or website that demonstrates your interests and skills in IT or project management.
  • Obviously putting in your previous roles, skills and achievements is key. But if you are just starting out and struggling to find your first role. Then add some voluntary work or setup your own project in your own time – that could be anything that interests you and also put that on your CV or Resume (make sure though it sounds interesting and challenging to deliver).
  • Gaining extra qualifications is always going to be beneficial and will certainly never hurt, so look at courses in your chosen area of project management or IT. Such as Certified Scrum master, Agile courses or waterfall based courses such as Prince2 or PMP.

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