Advancements in artificial intelligence should be kept in the public eye

Advancements in artificial intelligence should be kept in the public eye

This is a very interesting article on AI and I would recommend you give it a read. An extract is below:

“Artificial intelligence allows machines to reason and interact with the world, and it’s evolving at a breakneck pace. It’s already driving our cars, managing our health and even competing with — and sometimes beating at our on games — our best and most talented humans.

Many advances in AI can be attributed to machine learning, which works by tapping massive computing power to crunch through enormous amounts of digitized data. Now consider that most of our data, the best minds in the business and more computing power than you could ever imagine sit with just a handful of companies. For these reasons, only a few companies in the world are best situated to understand the true potential — and the current limits — of AI.

In response to AIs rapid developments, more than 8,000 leading researchers and scientists — including Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking — have signed an open letter alluding to AI’s potential pitfalls and possible detriment to humanity.”


Artificial Intelligence!

More and more I am hearing about machine learning, cognitive computing and what it is also more broadly referred to as Artificial intelligence.

It is still by many not even a side thought, or at times a useful gimmick that can play “Go” or “Chess.” But over the next few years its real potential and impact is going to be felt.

I have also recently had the good fortune to work with IBM on a machine learning system for the company I am presently working at and I will say that the potential is mind boggling.

AI is going to be a huge disrupter and will alter the modern working landscape.  It is difficult to say how exactly this will impact the job market, but it will definitely have a massive impact. Many jobs, especially repetitive tasks can be done by machines.

In one aspect this is good as some of the tedious, repetitive jobs humans have to do will be removed. But at the same time this will remove and change the working landscape. It will hopefully open up new roles that did no exist before and humans will work alongside machines as opposed to just being replaced by them.

The article here though is not quite as optimistic:

Here’s How Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Replace Middle Class Jobs