Empirical process control

Which Project Delivery Approach Is Right For My Project?

This is an excellent article from Portland webworks on choosing project methodology for a specific project. It highlights the role of complexity in project approach and also generally speaking the simpler a project is the more it is suited to a waterfall approach and the more complex it is the more its suited to an agile approach.


“The Stacey Diagram, developed by Prof. Ralph Stacey in the 1990s, is the simplest and most powerful tool for understanding project complexity. It has been adopted throughout the world by many different industries.”


LEGO DUPLO Tiny Film Festival

I have had the great opportunity to work with LEGO and Disney on the LEGO DUPLO Tiny Film Festival. It was a great experience and I worked with a great team of people.

During this project I had to manage and deliver several simultaneous work streams. From a website build, strategy, creative and design work, and video production. It all came together well and was also a enjoyable project to work on.

Website: www.lego.com/tinyfilm


FireShot Capture - DUPLO Tiny Film Festival - https___tinyfilm lego com_

Program Management High level Overview Spread sheet (Dashboard)

I have recently started working on multiple projects at the same time. To help me do this I have been developing a high level overview of the different projects I am working on and it also provides a clear overview of the projects to other stakeholders.

Below is a link and screen shot to the high level overview I have created for the different projects (I have removed the actual project names for confidentiality reasons). I’m sure this doc will involve over time and if you have any feedback or questions you would like to ask about this please do leave a comment or contact me.

High Level projects overview program management