Task Management (How to Manage Yourself)

I think one of the key approaches to good task management is not creating a large amount of paper work or documents. Keep things as lean and simple as possible.

Effective Personal Task Management:

1. Keeping a to do list: One great on-line tool to do this is called WorkFlowy

1.1 Keeping a to do list: I also have found a great way of keeping a to do list is by using kanbanflow – this gives your to do list a great instant visual view.

1.2 I also use a simple pen and notepad for the immediate tasks I am working on.

2. An up to date calendar. Have all your key tasks, deliverables, project milestones, meetings and any re-occurring items, tasks, meetings etc… in your calendar.

3. To keep a log of what you have done for the day, try a tool called iDoneThis (please note I haven’t used this tool, but have seen it recommended). This tool sends an email at the end of each day and then you can reply to it and it converts the reply into a bull point list in their (iDonethis) on-line calendar.

4. Another good way of keep track of tasks you have done is using a blog or wiki. They all provide password options so you can keep it private to yourself or team if you wish.

5. Penzu an on-line journal also offers a great way to keep a record of your work.

The tools I have mentioned above may be good for you personal use or for your use at work. Obviously your team or the company you are working for, may have a task management system in place such as Jira or Leankit. Which may replace some of the tools I have mentioned above.


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